Serving the Renewal of the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Q. What is Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

  1.   Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a spiritual movement that has existed with the Catholic Church since 1967. It emphasises the availability of the Power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit and encourages a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It operates through Prayer Groups, Community Ministries and Services around the world. more info see http://www.jeevanjal.org/jeevanjal/origin-ccr.html

Q. How did Catholic Charismatic Renewal start?

A.  In 1967 in the USA at a Retreat a group of students prayed for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives and the life of the Church. They decided they had  a deeper love of God, they felt His love for them.

Q. What do Popes say about Charismatic Renewal?

A. in May 1975, when Pope Paul VI addressed 10,000 Catholic Charismatics in St Peter’s Basilica, the called the Charismatic Renewal a “chance,” an “opportunity” for the Church and the world. In December 1979, Pope John Paul II, speaking to a group of international leaders of the Renewal, said, “I am convinced that this movement is a very important component of the entire Renewal of the Church.”

Q. When the Charismatic Renewal talks about The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, what does it mean?

A. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are listed in the New Testament: 1 Corinthians 12: 4-11.

Prophecy – God’s word to us at this moment in time.

Tongues –  a verbalised prayer, but in a purely personal form following no known language; it can inspire both the one who prays and others who are present.

Interpretations – Understanding what God is saying to us in prayer language.

Knowledge – some understanding of a situation that only God knows and reveals to one or more of those present.

Wisdom – How best to use that Knowledge

Discernment – What spirit is working here? Is it the Holy Spirit, the person’s human spirit or an evil one?

Healing – of body, mind, spirit and relationships

Miracles – A transforming or healing incident, beyond human power to achieve, either in the speed or extent of its action.

Faith – believing and knowing that God is working now.

Q. What is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting like?

A. Basically it is “praise and worship,” which includes singing Charismatic Hymns, singing in Tongues, reading from Scripture, personal Testimony, exercise of Charismatic Gifts, such as Prophecy.

Q. What is the significance regarding “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” during Life in the Spirit Seminars?

A. It releases the power of the Holy Spirit and His Gifts to participants, like the experience the disciples had when they gathered in the Upper Room (Acts 2).

Q. Why do we raise up our hands during the praise and worship session?

A. The raising of hands is a sign of openness and surrender to the Lord. “Let my prayer come like incense before you, the lifting up of our hands like the evening sacrifice.”

Q. What does speaking in Tongues mean?

A. The Gift of Tongues is important to the Charismatic, as it is a gift from God. There are two types of tongues: the Gift of Tongue is a message, that needs another person with the Gift of Interpretation. The other Tongue is used as prayer language, “He who speaks in Tongue, speaks not to men, but to God, because no-one understands him, but in the Spirit he utters mysteries (1 Corinthians 14: 2).

Q. Why do people sometimes refer to a “Healing” or “Charismatic” Mass?

  1.       A. “Healing” or “Charismatic” Mass is no different from any other Mass you might attend in any Catholic Church. At times people may raise their hands in prayer and you may witness the use of some of the Gifts of the Spirit. There is no requirement to raise your hands or pray in any way that is uncomfortable to you.