7 Week Life in the Spirit Seminar – Orewa

Wednesday evenings from 8th April 7:3 At St John the Evangelist Church, Centreway Rd, Orewa. Using ‘This Promise Is For You’ on DVD with international speakers, Michelle Moran and Charles Whitehead. ENQUIRIES: Barbara and Brian Hines 4278496

A Call to Radical Holiness – message from the ACCR Chairman

When I humbled my soul with fasting it became my reproach Ps 69:10 (RSV) A call to radical holiness As the Chairperson of the ACCR one of my main role is to pray and discern what the Lord… Read More

The Secret to Successful Ministry

The coming of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles happened on the Jewish feast of First Fruits, or what we now call Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came because He was promised and invited. Why do we need the… Read More

What is Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

A short history of Catholic Charismatic Renewal