The Earth to Become a House of Prayer

“We need a Church that will set the universe on fire.” If we all start to pray and intercede and truly unite ourselves with Christ we will see that FIRE! (Episcopal Vicar, Sri Lanka)

This is the call for all of us today, PRAYER!

We see today in our world so much suffering and confusion, but I am sure it was no different in the centuries past. There is one thing we can do in our world to help alleviate suffering and confusion and that is to pray and to intercede.

Our Lady when appearing to visionaries in Medjugorie said, ‘That any prayer even one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, said with love can make such a difference.

Intercession/prayer can take many forms, whether it is Rosary, the Mercy chaplet, Stations of the Cross, vocal prayer, etc.

If every Christian family or individual prayed, the effects would be transforming upon our own lives, our families and the world. The Lord needs us to pray more than ever for the world.

I became aware of this Urgency to Pray on attending an intercessory/prayer Conference in Sri Lanka in January this year. Delegates from the Oceania region:  Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar were represented there, as was Cardinals and Priests from Sri Lanka. Most of the countries represented were from the most persecuted countries in the world.

Meeting with Catholic delegates from such persecuted countries and hearing some of their stories were very humbling and the whole thing a bit overwhelming.  I was very blessed to be chosen to go as the New Zealand delegate for Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

The Lord had clearly called this gathering as there was such urgency and uniformity in the messages that were given. Near the end of the conference, we all prayed for each country represented at this gathering. The key theme for prayer for NZ was ‘To Pray for Families’ and all countries were called to pray for the Church and in particular Pope Francis.

Our families are so important to the integrity and propagation of the Gospel.  From families come the next Priests, Religious, Evangelists, and vocations of every kind. They will carry the Good News of the Gospel so needed in our world today.

The role of each delegate attending this conference is; to bring this ‘Call to Prayer” back to our Nations. We are told that we should read the signs of the times, and signs today reveal the need for greater prayer.

When difficult situations arise in the world, the Lord looks for an intercessor. See Ezek 22:30

Thus I have searched among them for someone who could build a wall or stand in the breach before me to keep from destroying the Land”.

We through collective prayer can write the headlines in the newspapers.

‘It has been shown that where man has failed, history records that the Rosary alone has succeeded: Austria, Brazil, Chile and Portugal, all saved themselves from the peril of Communism by the recitation of the Rosary (Taken from “The Secret of the Rosary”, St Louis De Montfort).

St Dominic so frustrated by the happening of his time called the people to prayer and the conversions began.

Our” Earth” can become a House of Prayer, if each of us takes a few minutes to pray. Our prayers make a difference. Our prayers are gathered together by the Holy Spirit offered up to the Lord and poured down upon the earth bringing much grace.


Josephine Olsen

(Intercessory Co-ordinator for Catholic Charismatic Renewal NZ & Australia)