The Secret to Successful Ministry

The coming of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles happened on the Jewish feast of First Fruits, or what we now call Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came because He was promised and invited.

Why do we need the Holy Spirit?

On the first Pentecost all the disciples in the upper room were instantly changed as the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them. They went from being timid to bold, they manifested the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they remembered all the things that Jesus had taught them and what’s more they now understood what they’d been taught.

Jesus spent thirty years in training for His ministry, but until the Holy Spirit comes upon Him at His baptism in the Jordan, He does not even begin His public ministry, even though at age 12 his knowledge of scripture is sufficient to challenge the doctors of the law in the temple. At age thirty we can assume His knowledge and grasp of scripture is far advanced yet He does not begin to minister until He is baptized in the Holy Spirit.

The disciples were told to go back and wait for the power of the Holy Spirit before they went out to minister. If Jesus and the early church needed the power of the Holy Spirit, so do we.

How do we get another Pentecost?

We have the example of the apostles. Although Jesus had promised to send the Holy Spirit, the apostles did not sit back and do nothing. Here are two important things we must do if we want to see another Pentecost:


The apostles ‘prayed in’ the promise by an intense time of prayer and they waited in eager expectation of this promise.

2. Listening to God

We need to get good at listening to God. If the Lord doesn’t build the house the builder labours in vain. We have to hear God so we can do what He wants us to do, King David is a great example of this, he would constantly seek the Lord for His strategy on how to deal with problems. We need to build His house not ours.

His power is for His purpose and Glory. I would encourage everybody who wants to see a move of God to read the book of Joel. Prayer, fasting and turning to God with our whole heart leads to restoration of the years eaten by the locust and God says ‘afterward I will pour out my spirit upon you.’

As we are approaching the Feast of Pentecost, I believe our prayer should be: “Come Holy Spirit we need you, without your help we cannot build your church.”