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Weekly Prayer Groups
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Jericho prayer: Every 2nd Thursday,  7- 8.30pm at Sacred Heart Church, Ponsonby. All welcome to come and pray for the Church, the World and the Renewal. Contact Anil, 0223649306
 Healing Ministry: Available after the 7.30pm Mass every 3rd Thursday except Dec and Jan at St Thomas More Catholic Church, Glenfield. Enquiries Contact Ramiz 027 201 0302.
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Note: Lilian Iskander and her Good Shepherd Group volunteer for NZ prayerline every Monday 7:30pm-9:00pm praying for callers from all around NZ. The number to call for prayers is  0800 50 80 80.

Home Group Bible Study at Schnapper Rock, Northshore: If you would like to join call or text Ramiz on 027 201 0302

Attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar and EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF GOD’S LOVE

A Life in the Spirit Seminar will assist you:

  • to experience the power of God’s love
  • to deepen your relationship with God
  • to know Jesus as a personal friend
  • to understand more about the power of the Holy Spirit
  • to develop your prayer life
  • to witness to others
  • to recognise and develop your spiritual gifts
  • to connect to the power of the Holy Spirit

The experiences of participants in a Life in the Spirit Seminar include:

  • deep inner peace
  • a deep conviction of God’s personal love for them
  • a revitalised prayer life
  • a hunger for God’s word and an increased understanding of it
  • spiritual and physical healing
  • a better understanding of the charismatic gifts (1 Corinthians 12:7-11)
  • a new ability to love and forgive others
  • a deeper appreciation of the Sacraments

A TESTIMONY- from October 2016 Life in the Spirit Seminar


I was born into a simple humble Catholic family in Mumbai, India. At the age of 16, I attended a retreat in Mumbai where I experienced the presence of the Lord. I felt his hand on my shoulder and immediately started weeping. I felt a wave of peace flow thru me. A year later at another prayer meeting I experienced the Lord’s presence again in the form of his hand on my head. It was again a beautiful experience. I did not know how to carry forward my walk with the Lord from that point on. I went for regular mass and tried to do things that I thought were right in God’s eyes.

Life carried on, I completed my studies, got married and had children. I moved to another country due to my husband’s work. I left my walk with the Lord as other things took priority. He was put on the backburner. In all the years that passed by I was a superficial believer, who went to church but felt empty on the inside. The stress of lifes worries and issues took a toll on my life. Making me bitter and resentful. Worry about finance, mortgage and our future was a daily ritual. I had forgotten how to rely on the Lord. However even though I was not spending time in prayer or getting to know him he never left my side and always protected me and blessed me with a good family , children, job and finally the opportunity to move to New Zealand. Though I would acknowledge and thank the Lord for his blessing it would stop right there and I made no further attempts to build my relationship with the Lord.

In the last few years I attended a few retreats held by the Divine Retreat Centre here in Auckland. I began to feel the presence and the urge to know the Lord again after many years. At the “Life in the Spirt” Seminar held from the 30th Sept to 2nd Oct 2016, at St Dominic’s Parish, Blockhouse Bay, I had a beautiful experience with the Holy Spirit. Throughout the session I felt the Holy Spirit touch me. I felt a trembling in my body, tears streaming down my face as I sang the touching hymns. The presence was so strong that at one point I felt my hands shaking and felt like my throat was swelling and I had to cough. I started to pray and told the Holy Spirit that I wanted to know him just like I did as a young girl. I told him I was willing to surrender myself and wanted him to be my friend, guide and comforter. I prayed that the Holy Spirit be made known to me.

As the people were being prayed over during the laying of hands ceremony I joined the queue. When it was my turn I walked to two very anointed people and told them that I would like to know the Lord just the way I did many years ago. Just at that instance I was completely overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit and fell to the ground. My body trembling and tears streaming down my face. I burst out crying and calling out “Jesus, Jesus help me”. I felt a peace and calm. I could hear people praying around me in tongues, holding my hands. I lay down for a few minutes and then got up and went back to my seat and knelt down and prayed. I also went for Confession the day before I was slain by the Spirit. I had not been for Confession for many years.

I feel light as though all my burdens have been lifted way. I feel a great sense of peace. All my anger and resentment have been washed away. It was the Lord’s way through the Holy Spirit to show me his immense love and grace for me. He was always in my life, he never abandoned me, and carried me through life. Today my eyes have been opened up and I’m excited about my future. I have a deep desire to know the Lord. To build a relationship with the Holy Spirit. I am taking baby steps into this new life I have received.

I believe if you truly yield yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life he will. He is a true friend and guide to the the Lord.

Praise and Glory to Jesus.

V DeSouza